The Grand Illuision


Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message about the next phase that is occurring within you at this time. The energies that have been arriving to your planet and will continue to arrive on the next lunar phase and towards the Spring Equinox are indeed sublime and magnificent! We realize that every time we speak to you about energies we remark upon the truth that the energies are of a nature that you have not experienced before. We remind you that all has arrived and occurred within the divine plan and with perfect timing. It has been indeed a subtle yet steady increase of frequency and energy designed to increase your capacity to anchor Love and Light within yourselves and upon this planet. You may find this week and in the weeks to come that your dreams and your physical symptoms once again begin to get unusual and strange. Yet we encourage you not to worry and not to fear for you are now equipped to handle that which is being delivered to you and it is only your intent to allow the influx of newness to continue to transform you which is required for this to occur.

Many of your legends and myths speak of a brave soul who goes out on a quest to face a terrible beast to regain or reclaim a grand treasure that was once lost or hidden. We love these stories for they are a perfect metaphor for that which you have done within yourselves over the past few years and especially since December of 2012.

These energies that you have been awash in have brought you to places where you have had to face some dark, seemingly terrifying aspects. You have victoriously faced these fears with great courage and grace. 

We wish to remind you however that the dark, terrifying, aspects have not been without you, then have been parts of yourself that have come from within that you have faced. 

Consider that you are like a golden puzzle with a 100 separate pieces. Over the years and over many lifetimes (some in this dimension, some in others. Some in the past some in this timeline) you have broken off pieces of this puzzle and have hidden them from view. Either because you were afraid of them yourself or you were afraid of what others would do or say if they witnessed these parts of you. The process you have been on, the journey you have agreed to embark upon, has been one to go out and bravely reclaim those missing pieces. 

The process of integrating your wholeness has happened in this lifetime. However as we have spoken to you before, some of those pieces have been aspects that were hidden in past lifetimes or in alternate dimensions with alternate aspects of yourself. Again we say do not try too hard to comprehend the concept of alternate realities or timelines, for all occurs simultaneously and parallel. You have gone out and have faced parts of yourself that have seemed dark and unloveable and unwanted. You have reclaimed parts of yourself that you were afraid to embrace because they seemed too spectacular or too unique. 

As humans you have spent so much of your time wanting to be accepted by those around you that you perceived to be in control, that you have become very good at diminishing aspects of yourself in order to stay within the safe boundaries of the majority. Now you see however that the shift is occurring and it is now that by integrating all of those pieces of yourself that you become more powerful, more dynamic and more spectacular than you have ever dreamed you could be. 

Much like the story where a treasure had to be hidden from an evil or corrupt character, you felt compelled to do the same. We say of course you had to, for the balance of love and fear on this planet was one that was tipped in the favor of the lower vibrational aspects. Those precious parts had to be hidden so that the lower vibrations could not find them and try to corrupt them for their own selfish needs. Now however that story is no longer true. 

Now it is the millions of beautiful souls who have quietly, gently, lovingly been on their own journey to reclaim those magnificent parts that were so long hidden that are coming into their own. Now as you continue to integrate and reclaim those wonderful aspects of who you are your Light grows brighter and stronger and more powerful than anything you have experienced in this lifetime! 

That is why it has often seemed so scary to face these parts of yourself where the gems have been hidden…because they had to be hidden in a place that would scare even the lowest of vibrational souls! (laughter) Yet we are here to say to you, it is the fear and the darkness that are the illusion! Do you not see that the only thing that is real and that is eternal is the Love and the Light? 

The magnificent, golden pieces of your infinite aspects are the only thing that is real! The illusion of darkness and of fear were only in place to keep you separate and apart and afraid. For so long, so many believed the illusion and it was only the illusion of that which kept you separate from yourselves and in turn from each other. Yet now as you continue to wake up and to see through the illusion you can now say “Nothing scares me any longer”! Nothing is more powerful than my Light and my Love! I have been to the darkest parts of my mind and I have been to the places within me that I was for so long afraid to face and I see that the great beast was only smoke and mirrors!” 

That is what we wish to impress upon you Dear Ones! The opposite of Love is not hate, it is fear! The darkness is only an illusion and even in the appearance of darkness there is still Light! There is no vibration in this universe that cannot and will not be transformed by Love and Light! For all comes from Love and Light! 

You can now face any aspect of yourself and say with a smile on your face and with Love in your heart “I accept you, I Love you and therefore I heal you”. The power of creation and transformation truly is within your hands! We know that it may be so hard to believe. For after centuries and lifetimes you have agreed to buy in to the fallacy that darkness and fear reigned because that was the illusion we all agreed to play within! 

Without the appearance of darkness and of fear, you would have nothing to transform. In your humanness you all have required the illusion of struggle and strife so that you could feel you have earned your Light and Love! Yet we lovingly say, the darkness and fear were only the sets and props of a grand play. They were allowed to manifest so that all of you could spend lifetimes re-learning how to use these gifts and re-learning how to take back your power. Yet as you have seen, the minute, the moment, the second that you have turned to face your fears and to snatch that golden piece of the puzzle from the jaws of a great terrible monster…the instant that you have faced the monster, you have seen it disappear in a poof of smoke! We want to remind you that this is an inclusion based universe and nothing can come to you unless you are of the same vibration. All is an aspect of who you are and the aspects that you have interpreted as dark or low are only additional aspects of you that were created by you so that you could have the experience of facing that aspect of yourself to relearn how powerful you truly are and have always been! The weakness and fear have been the illusion! It has all been a magnificent obstacle course that you have all designed so that you could have the experience of going through it to get back to that which is and has always been your divine right! 

Do we make ourselves clear Dear Ones? (laughter) Do we have your attention now? (more laughter) You do not and have never had to wait for someone to give you your power back, for you were the one who agreed to create the illusion of someone else holding your power from you so that you could experience on an emotional level what it felt like to muster your courage and reclaim it! The grand quest to go bravely off in search of that which you have hidden from yourself has been the entirety of your human experience! The human-ness is the illusion, the fear is the illusion, the sadness and scarcity and tactics to keep you separate and afraid are the fading paradigm of the old 3D play that is the illusion. Now we say the play is over! The time is up! The curtain call has come and gone! The souls that you have cast in the roles of the evil aspects have played their part and now you have begun to wake up. With every part of the golden puzzle that you have reclaimed you have seen your power grow. With every dark aspect that you have bravely faced, you have seen your Light get brighter. You have seen that all is an aspect of you. 

Now you say “I face this aspect of who I am, I accept this aspect of who I am, I reclaim this aspect of who I am and I LOVE this aspect of who I am.” When you do that, the lower vibration is instantly dissolved, the smoke and the illusion instantly vanishes and you integrate the highest parts of you while the lower stuff is transformed by the powerful flames of Love and Light! The legend of the Phoenix is no legend Dear Ones!(laughter) It is exactly the process that you undergo each and every time that you reclaim part of who you are. As you continue to reclaim the golden puzzle pieces that you have hidden over time you get brighter and more powerful and more magnificent. 

Accept. Integrate. Accelerate.

The only thing now that stands in your way is your continued belief that something stands in your way. The only monsters and fears that remain are the ones that you have yet to see through. Like all other aspects of this grand illusion, once you have faced them you have seen that they are only paper monsters, they are only made of cobwebs and string. They were the grand designs that you created so you could play the part of your own hero!

Oh, Dear Ones, you have played this role so well! You have jumped in to the wonder of this grand illusion! You have built the sets, you have cast the roles, you have created the costumes and designed the lights and the programs and have even written the music! (laughter) 

So now Dear Ones, the illusion is at an end and we say to you. What is the new story? what does the hero do now? Of course the hero returns back to the rest of the terrified village and says “See what I did? I vanquished the beast that none thought could be vanquished! I faced the fear that none thought could be faced! I made my way through the labyrinth that all thought I would be lost in!” 

So we say to you now Dear Ones, tell a new story! Write a new tale! You now see that you were and always have been the one who held the power…you only ever have hidden it from yourself. 

We say aren’t you tired of pretending now? Aren’t you ready for a new role to play? (laughter) As our brother, our scribe, our partner would say "Aren't you over this yet"? (laughter)

There is never truly darkness…for all is but a measurement of Love. All was created with and through Love so that you could have this moment on the stage of playing the part of the hero and now you see that the only one you have been waiting for is you. 

In Love and Light we leave you.




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Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message centered around the idea of surrender. So often in your world you have been taught that surrender is equal to weakness. We speak not of surrender as it relates to competition or the wars that spring from the ego. We speak of surrender to the flow of unconditional love and compassion that is yours in each and every moment. We speak of surrender to knowing that all that you desire is but the tip of the iceberg! If you could truly see the spectacular things that await you in your lives then you would not resist for one single second more!

Surrender is equal to faith. Surrender is saying "I know I am loved, I know I am divine, I know I am powerful beyond measure!" Surrender is saying "When I create from my mind and my ego the results are nowhere near what is possible compared to when I create from my heart!" Surrender is saying "I allow the walls that have been built by my fears to crumble so that the Love and Light can come through." Surrender is saying "I know when something seems to go wrong or fall apart that it is really only because something more spectacular is coming." Surrender is saying "It’s ok if I don’t know what is coming, because all I have to do is trust that the benevolent love of the universe is providing for me."

We will remind you that we do not support the idea that you must sit idly by and wait. We say only that to act when you are inspired from the heart to act will bring you all that you truly desire. We will remind you that life does not happen to you, that it happens through you and that you are not a powerless victim of your life, you are God in human form. 

Surrender is the act of saying “I accept responsibility for all that I have drawn to me.” The moment you acknowledge that you are the creator in your life then you immediately take back all of your power. When you send out the signal to the universe that you acknowledge your inherent power, it immediately becomes available to you. It is only when you sit and think that you must wait for permission from some external force that the universe lovingly reflects back to you that belief. It is like waiting in front of the locked door with the key in your hand, waiting for someone to tell you to unlock the door! (laughter)

We know that we must sound like a broken record! (laughter) Repeating the same message over and over. (more laughter) We only wish to impress upon you that the universe is an inclusive one that responds to your vibration. When you vibrate with powerlessness and fear and the idea of lack, that is what will lovingly be delivered to you. You are the creator of your own existence. Free will can never be overridden.

Surrender will happen in one of two ways: when you decide that it is time to accept your power, or when the physical body dies and you return to your Source. Either way you will know the glory of who you are in those moments! Of course we would prefer for you to know it in this lifetime, in this moment, in this now!

Surrender all that you think that you know and open your hands to accept your true power! That is the truth of surrender!

In Love and Light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones

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The Grand Journey Begins With You


Greetings, Dear Ones.

We wish to bring you a brief reminder today about the powers that you all possess within.

We know that there are many sources of information coming to you right now on disclosure and The Event and Ascension and many other topics that are of great importance to you. We will not engage in the act of judging which information is to be deemed as correct or as true for all souls serve their own purpose in their own way.

Without even one of you in the current equation, things would be different and all souls and events are necessary for the continued awakening and evolution of yourselves and of beautiful Earth. We will remind you however, to always use your sense of discernment. If something does not feel like it is resonating as true or as important for you, then we assure you that it is not true for you. However, even those who could be labeled as “mis-informants” serve a purpose in that they can be a way for you to sharpen and hone your internal ability to know for yourselves what is true. All is of Love and Light. All shall return to Love and Light and there is no thing or vibration that cannot be transformed by Love and Light. 

We see things from a bird’s eye view and are able to see the smaller cycles and patterns that all contribute to the larger cycles and patterns, for all is of a fractal nature. The individual pieces that contribute to the larger will always be of the same nature and vibration. Like attracts Like. We understand that it is of your nature to be curious and to seek information and confirmation and we delight in your curiosity and your wonder and also wish to remind you that the answers and the confirmation that you seek are always within you. We know that many of you are still waiting for a sign from above, for a marker to let you know where you are or what is coming and we wish to impress upon you that as your resonance with the higher vibrations increases the old ways will continue to fade.

That is to say that in the vibrational state of 3D Earth and your 3D selves, you were programmed to believe and to wait for something of an external nature to give you the “green light” to proceed or move forward. As we continue up the spiral into the new vibrational reality the perceptions of the separation of internal and external continue to fade and to blur. For all is truly one and one is truly all.

What we wish to remind you of is that when you are inspired to act, then it is time to act, when you are inspired to stay in a state of stillness, then it is time to stay still. Continue to rely upon your internal systems to let you know what is real and what is true for you. All of you are indeed the center of your own reality. Your experience, while connected to all will always be wholly your own. You are each and every one a unique facet on a magnificent gem and no two of you are alike. While you are all aspects of one, your aspects are all unique. There is no other time than now. There is no other moment than the one you have now. All that can be perceived as past or future are but possibilities which are always influenced by your choice in the now.

If you were to pick a specific date for example, and you were to ask 100 people “what happened on January 14th”? You would get 100 different answers that would all be true and yet for you, the only truth would be the one that you experienced. What you choose to believe and experience is always and is only ever your choice.

The point we wish to illuminate for you is that while the wisdom or knowing of another may always help you to gain a greater understanding, your choice of what you do and where you go is entirely up to you. Certainly as this planet and its lovely inhabitants continue to evolve there will be larger events and cycles that will occur for all and yet these are no more or less important than the seasons of your Earth years. Spring is no better than Summer is no better than Fall is no better than Winter. All serve their purpose and all are required for the continued harmony of your planet and of the many lifeforms who call it home.

We would no more encourage you to put your life on hold for the next season than we would ask you to put your life on hold for tomorrow. The now is all that ever is. Proceed through your days with the intention of living each moment to its fullest. Know that all of that which you seek is always available to you in each moment. The next step cannot be taken until the current step is complete. The inhale cannot exist without the exhale.

We would never prompt you to inaction, we would only prompt you to continue to rely upon yourself for the answers. Your remembrance of your incredible powers of creation are for naught if you do not begin to use them.

Create not the illusion of further separation by saying that there are forces that are for or against you. Regardless of what is occurring around you, there will always be your own procession and inspired action required to continue to create your own life and your own version of reality.

The larger cycles will proceed regardless of what you do or do not do. The sun will still rise and the earth will still turn and none of that is as important as the inspired action that you can take now.

For smaller individual choices or cycles will trigger the same choice or cycle on the larger, collective scale. As our brother, our partner, our scribe is so fond of metaphors we will say that the parade cannot begin if all of the people in the parade are standing around waiting for it to begin! (laugher) The party cannot start if everyone continues to stand around waiting for the party to start! (more laughter) Create what you wish to see now, live how you wish to live now, be the changes that you desire through the vibrations that you offer and let the larger cycles be the larger cycles.

The infinite intelligence and the grand rhythm of the universe will continue and will cycle on. Be mindful of what draws your attention on the grander scales, but do not let that hinder you from action when you are inspired to do so!

You are so powerful, so magnificent and each have your own unique offering to contribute.

Never forget that and always know that you are loved and supported beyond measure.

Now is the time to spread your wings and fly! The grand journey begins with you!

In Love and Light we leave you.

The Lighted Ones


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My Declaration of Independence


This weekend has been a roller-coaster of emotions. A lot of old "stuff" that I thought I had cleared reared its head and revealed itself to me again. Some of the really well hidden corners of my insides were illuminated.

I must say that one of my biggest challenges personally has always been to face what I thought was already cleared. But as we all know when we are in the process of peeling back our individual layers, we don't always get to choose what comes up. Sometimes we can dance around a specific topic or subject. Sometimes we can even avoid it...for a while.

The truth is that it's a folly for us to believe that anything internal is going to escape our loving, intense, gaze of examination when we begin the process of self discovery. And the things that can seem the most emotionally charged, the biggest hurdles so to speak are many times the hardest ones to face.

Yet there is a fine line...a razor's edge that we all must walk when determining what "stuff" belongs to us and what "stuff" doesn't. My ego and my rational mind have displayed at many times in my life, an almost obsessive/compulsive need to understand or to know why.  

One of my biggest lessons in this life has been to learn that some things just aren't meant to be understood in this life or in this moment. Some things are to remain a mystery. Some times the decision to walk away from something comes well before the lesson of why it was there in the first place. More importantly, sometimes the lesson itself is as simple as learning to walk away. Sometimes the only thing that we are to learn, that we need to know, that is crucial to our continued evolution is just to know: if it doesn't feel good, walk away...If the burner is hot, don't touch it...if the tiger is asleep, don't poke it.  
Some things aren't to be fixed or understood or unraveled. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...and yet even a simple cigar can hold a lesson. 

Why is it that the simplest lessons seem to be the hardest ones to learn? Why is it that "because I know so" sometimes isn't enough? I know for me that it's because so much of the joy in my life has been in the understanding of what moves me, what inspires me, what makes me tick. So much of the pain in my life has been shown to be necessary and valuable because of what it taught me later. So much of the digging and excavation and examination I have done on myself and within my internal landscape has unearthed treasure after wonderful treasure.
It becomes clear to me that the simplest lessons...the treasures that were lying there in plain sight were the most difficult ones to believe in simply because of their simplicity. Merely because they required no level of determination greater than simply picking them up, dusting them off and putting them in my pocket. Or in this case, leaving them be. Sometimes the blood, sweat and tears that I so often thought would accompany great self discovery were indeed the illusion.

My ego and my rational mind over the years have become enamored and entranced with the process of digging and discovery. They have reveled at the treasures hard won after a battle long fought. The mantra of the ego is "What's in it for me"? If the battle or the lesson is not tough. If the road is not long and winding. If the mountain is not too high or the valley too low, then the treasure must simply be worthless.

So as I sat this weekend, finding myself back to trying to solve the same old puzzle. After meditating and journaling and channeling and chanting and napping and fretting and stewing. I sat down this morning to really engage myself. I set down my bag of tricks. I closed up my tool box and turned to face this aspect of myself that has stubbornly been awaiting (yet again) my engagement. It was as if I was saying "Ok lessons or epiphanies or concepts to hide behind. It's just you, me and 42 years of history here".

This time it became very clear to me that the integration of this facet on the diamond that is me required only my faith. Only my trust. Only my acceptance that there was nothing to unravel. Nothing to understand. It only needed and had been waiting for my declaration. My promise. My oath. My surrender.
The minute...the second...the instant that this knowing dawned on me, I got the familiar confirmation of goosebumps on my body that this was the truth. This was the lesson. This was the layer. 
Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, but even a cigar can hold great meaning. 

The choice is and always has been mine, and the only choice I had yet to make was to choose me.

So here it Declaration of Independence.


Today I choose.
I choose to be my own advocate.
I choose to be the one who cares for me.
I choose to be the one who seeks that which is in my best interest.
I choose to be the one who stands by my side through thick and thin.
Through darkness and light, through sickness and in health.
I choose to be the one who loves me until the end of time. 

I am timeless and eternal.
I am forever.
I am infinite and wise and all knowing and all loving and compassionate.
I am the one I have been waiting for.
I am the one who is here to save me.
I am the one.
I am the one.

It matters not whether I know why.
It matters not whether I understand.
It only matters that I know that if it doesn’t feel good, that I will protect myself from it and I will choose another choice.
I will pick another path.
I will open another door.

I release all that has served me.
I honor all that has challenged me.
I transform all that has kept me low and frightened and asleep.
I let it go.
I put it in the ground.
I set it free.
The burden was required only so that I could learn my own strength and now it is done. The wall was built only so that I could see how high I could climb and now it is done. The separation was created only so that I could rejoice in my own reunion and now it is done.
It is done.
It is done.
It is done. 

From the ashes I have arisen.
From the confusion I have found the clarity.
From the shackles I have liberated myself.
From the low I have found the high.
It is done.
It is done.
It is done.


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